Salvatore Settineri, Emanuele Maria Merlo

The Phenomenology of the Style of Existence in Gender Dysphoric Patients. A Bridge Between Apperception and Body Memory

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Keywords: Body Memory; Apperception; Gender Dysphoria; Phenomenology; Style of Existence.

Background: the phenomenological conception of Body Memory qualifies itself as the basis of the subjects’ Style of Existence and experience. The identification of a specific type of Body Memory in gender dysphoric subjects allows us to provide an original clinical study. Objective: the research aims to identify which of the taxonomy categories of body memory is manifested in the current Style of Existence of the gender dysphoric subjects in M to F transition evaluated in our clinical experience. Method: 10 T.A.T. protocols of dysphoric subjects from M to F were examined with reference to the emergence of the corporeality. Based on the psychodiagnostic literature and the intersections between phenomenology and body memory, a phenomenological study was conducted. Results: the study of the protocols allowed us to identify a good level of projection of the corporeality, mainly referred to traumatic and incorporative dimensions of body memory together with a negative emotional order. Conclusions: the results obtained with a classical methodology and recent phenomenological conceptions, allow us to comprehend the organization of the gender dysphoric experience, it results useful for the psychodiagnostic process and the support of the subjects in the delicate M to F transition process.

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