Marcella Aglietti

Il discorso politico elettorale nella Spagna della "Restauracíon" (1876-1890)

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The article consists in an accurate study on the language and the conceptual patterns which may be found within the electoral speeches during the "Restauración". In effect, especially some elements - which represent the symbolic core within the political conceptual imagery of Spanish Liberalism - seem to recur with significant frequency and tend to converge towards several main concepts. That is - on one hand: Catholicism, public order and the building of a specific national identity; on the other hand: mainly the complaint for scandals and for the corruption of a Government which reveals itself as absolutely inadequate to represent the country. By all means, these concepts - which have been soon converted in selfreferred stereotypes - have ended up by deeply influencing the politicians' "lexicon" and the electoral rhetorics. Moreover, also the whole process of "nation building", as well as the perception itself of the Spanish Nation, seem to have been shaped by these very same images. Thus, it is the representative and parliamentary system itself which suffers - together with the liberal regime - a progressive process of lack of legitimisation.

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Article first page