Carlo Focarelli

The Planet of Toys: On the Definition of Human Rights

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Keywords: Human Rights; Juridical Science; Empathy; Constructivism; Humanitarian Intervention; Responsible Sovereignty.

In Collodi's famous novel "Pinocchio", the puppet happy goes to the 'Land of Toys' where «there is no such thing as study. Here, it is only on Saturdays that we have no school. In the Land of Toys, every day, except Sunday, is a Saturday». This blessed place, especially in the global age, appears to me the quintessence of our human world, which could be called the 'Planet of Toys. In this Planet there are rights for anyone and duties for no-one. It is from this perspective that this comment examines the book "What Human Rights are Not (or Not Only)" written by Isabel Trujillo and Francesco Viola. It makes the case for a movement in favour of the advancement of human rights possibly based on living by example somewhat more than by words and profit.

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