Rivisteweb is the leading platform for italian journals in the humanities and social sciences, designed for universities, research centers, public and private institutions.

It presents the articles of over 80 active journals and an archive of almost 100 from il Mulino publishing house and Carocci publisher, searchable in the full text and metadata, indexed in the main directories, search engines and discovery services.

In the national context, most of the journals present rank at the qualitative top of the disciplinary sectors to which they belong.


Rivisteweb includes all the journals in the Mulino and Carocci catalogues: these are over 100 historical, philosophical, linguistic-literary, psychological, socio-political, economic and law publications.

Società Editrice il Mulino

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The journals on this platform adopt and promote specific guidelines (PEMS) about publishing ethics. Our ethics statements are based on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.


What is Rivisteweb? Which journals are available? For which years? What is the format of the files? Do the articles have the abstract? What searches can be done on articles?


Rivisteweb offers both subscription and open access journals and articles. More generally, our open access policy is stated on Sherpa/Romeo and, for each author, is governed by the indemnity accepted at the time of publication. The open access items are subject to the CC BY-NC-ND license.

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