Antonino Bucca

Poetry and Schizophrenia. Domain of Pragmatic Abilities and Delusional-Hallucinatory Context

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Keywords: Domains Of Language, Figurative Language, Communicative Context, Delusional-Hallucinatory Context, Schizophrenic Speech.

The pragmatic deficits of schizophrenic speech are explained considering their meaning (the sense) in their cognitive and linguistic context, along with the roles of the Executive Functions (EF), Theory of Mind (ToM), and/or domain of pragmatic abilities. Of course, communication failures refer to context of communication: even the pragmatic deficits of schizophrenic subjects depend on the choice of the communicative context to which the patients intend to refer their utterances. In this paper, the domain of pragmatic abilities will be examined, and together with some poems written by the subjects, we will try to demonstrate that the schizophrenic communicative context can refer to the delusional and hallucinatory experiences of the patients. Indeed, it is probable that the pragmatic deficits may also depend on the choice of the delusional-hallucinatory context to which the patients intend to refer. So, it may be necessary to also consider the studies of pragmatic deficits of the delusion and hallucinations schizophrenic context.

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