Gianluca Nesi

The nazi ritual sacrifice. Guido List, Adolf Hitler, Martin Heidegger

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Keywords: Hitler; Heidegger; Ariosophy; Nazi Weltanschauung; Jewish Genocide.

The article identifies, between the lines of three very different texts - "Das Geheimnis der Runen" by Guido List, "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler and Sein und Zeit by Martin Heidegger -, an esoteric conception according to which the Jews would have concealed the link between the Aryan Germans and the original Being. So the Aryo-Germanic elite must wage a ruthless struggle for existence ("Daseinskampf") that requires the decision to death as a ritual act capable of reversing the normal course of time. The reading of these texts, supported by the reconstruction of the relationships between the ariosophic societies and the nascent Nazi party, it allows the emersion of a secret doctrine which seems to configure the extermination of the Jews as a ritual sacrifice.

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Article first page