Luca Corchia

Post-Subcultural Studies and Youth Identities. Retrospective of a Debate

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Keywords: Post-Subcultural Studies; Youth Identity; Musical Subculture; Lifestyle; Neo-Tribes.

In the last decades sociological research documented a fragmented and changing plurality of practices, identities, forms of aggregation and youth models. Studies on musical subcultures are a privileged field for the confirmation of survey results; in this field we can see the contrast between the positions based upon the orthodox categories of Birmingham's Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) - though adequated to new contexts and integrated with references to previously disregarded subcultures (McRobbie and Garber, Willis, Stanley Cohen, Clarke, Frith) - and the positions inspired by postmodern theories, proposing a post-subcultural studies approach. Examples of the latter are Thornton's studies on subcultural capital, Redhead's, Melechi and Rietveld works on hedonistic subcultures, and the studies on fluid and emotional «neo-tribes», theorized by Maffesoli and analyzed in the field of marketing by Cova and in the field of lifestyle by Shields, Hetherington, Muggleton, Malbon and Bennett.

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