Sandro Malavasi

Underground and Nuclear

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Keywords: Underground, Whole Earth Catalog, Co-evolution

Stewart Brand is a pioneer of the American underground of the 1970s. His name is permanently linked to the legendary "Whole Earth Catalog" and to the subsequent «Co-Evolution Quartely». Active and determined, in 1996 he founded, with Daniel Hillis (the inventor of the supercomputer Connection Machines), Kevin Kelly (editor of «Wired»), Peter Swartz (chairman of Global Business Network), Brian Eno (musician), Paul Saffo (spokesman of the Institute for the Future), Mitchell Kapor (co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation), Esther Dyson (editor of the premier software industry newsletter «Release 1.0» and Douglas Carlston (co-founder of Brøderbund Software) -, the Long Now Foundation, faithful to the co-evolution concept. The latest challenge is his ecopragmatist manifesto: "Whole Earth Discipline".

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