Irina Inguanotto, Giuseppe Tattara

Innovation, networks of competences and communication. Elda Cecchele, Roberta di Camerino and the Veneto countryside artisans

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This article deals with the role played by the "Laboratorio tessile Cecchele" in the production of textiles and accessories in the 50s and 60s for important Italian fashion creators, in particular for Salvatore Ferragamo, Giuliana Camerino and Franca Polacco. The "Laboratorio" was located in the Veneto countryside and produced high quality textiles. Through the active role performed by Mrs. Elda Cecchele, that operated side by side with important Italian fashion designers, the "Laboratorio" acted as an agent that linked some local artisans and the fashion network at the international level, mainly through the intermediation of the fashion house Roberta di Camerino. In such a context the "Laboratorio" acted, in some occasions, as an innovator, a transmittor of knowledge and interpretation, and as a channel of financial flows. In several occasions Mrs. Cecchele redeveloped for Roberta di Camerino some bags of daily use in the Veneto countryside, that became high fashion goods, appreciated in the international fashion market. This article discusses the working of the network linking the "Laboratorio Cecchele", the fashion house Roberta di Camerino and the local artisans. It explains the beginning of the enterprise, its main points of originality and strength, and the reasons for the end of it in the early 70s.

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