Giacomo Sillari

Rule-following and Coordination: A Game-theoretic Perspective

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Keywords: Rule-following, Convention, Coordination, Social Norms, David Lewis

Famously, Kripke has argued that the central portion of Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations" describes both a skeptical paradox and its skeptical solution. Solving the paradox involves the element of the community, which determines correctness conditions for rule-following behavior. What do such conditions precisely consist of? Is it accurate to say that there is no fact to the matter of rule following? How are the correctness conditions sustained in the community? My answers to these questions revolve around the idea that a rule is followed insofar as a convention takes place. In particular, I consider the game-theoretic definition of convention offered by David Lewis and I show that it contributes in an essential way to the communitarian understanding of rule-following, shedding new light on wittgensteinian notions as those of accord, form of life and blind action.

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Article first page