Fulvio Tessitore

A Taking Leave or a Renaissance of Historicism?

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Keywords: German Contemporary Historicism, Neo-Historicism, Contemporary Philosophy.

After examining the interpretative lines of the «contemporary German Historicism» proposed by Pietro Rossi in comparison with other perspectives - among which, the ones proposed by the Author of the essay - the reasons of a renewed actuality of the «Historicism as a philosophy», and not only as a method and/or a worldview, are presented synthetically. These reasons rest on a renewed comparison and agreement with science, in the name of a common belief in the plurality of the real. That requires a new idea of the rationalization and evaluation processes of knowledge, holding firmly the relativity principles (which does not imply any confusion whit the relativism as an ethical indifference) and the uncertainty principle (worked out especially by Weber in an autonomous manner which does not dissent from some authoritative suggestions of quantum physics, or deriving from this latter).

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Article first page