Mauro Antonelli

Self-Representation and Phenomenal Intentionality in Brentano. A Critical Approach

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Keywords: Franz Brentano; Consciousness; Self-Representationalism; Phenomenal Intentionality.

This paper provides a critical evaluation of some recent attempts - strictly connected to each other - to interpret Brentano's theory of inner consciousness in self-representational terms, as well as to explain Brentano's thesis of intentionality of mind as «phenomenal intentionality». The author points out how both the attempts, concerning the relationship between intentionality and consciousness, involve not only relevant difficulties about the correct interpretation of Brentano's texts, but also theoretical problems relating to the philosophy of Brentano, because they expose Brentano's theory of mind and consciousness to pointless criticisms, namely subjectivism and idealism. The author argues finally that it is inaccurate to attribute to Brentano such a philosophical position about consciousness, once one has interpreted his work in the light of his main source: Aristotle and his theory of perception and cognition.

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Article first page