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Jean-Luc Nancy. «To Adore»: Notes for a Praxis to Come. An Interview by Elena Pulcini and Costanza Tabacco

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Keywords: Deconstruction of Christianity, World, Mondialisation, Existence, Adoration.

In this interview, Jean-Luc Nancy sees the catastrophe of Fukushima as an opportunity to prepare for the future with hope. The thesis is part of his reflection on religion where he considers Christianity as a process that self-deconstructs and opens the possibility of overcoming the immanence/transcendence dichotomy. This involves rethinking the human condition without the support of tradition, without justification: «what is divine, is that the world exists», asserts Nancy. From this outlook, he considers globalisation as the chance for mondialisation, namely to give back the world a sense: that of being the space for adoration. To adore is to feel the tension at the heart of each individual's existence: there is nothing outside the world, yet it remains inaccessible like a secret.

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