Furio Cerutti

What To Do with Assassins (Not Just with Them)?

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Keywords: Freedom of Expression; Terrorism; Immigrants' Integration; Islamic Schizophrenia; Clash of Civilizations.

This article endorses Garton Ash's proposal to defy the assassins' veto and to keep publishing satirical cartoons - yet "a click away" from immediate visibility. It makes the case for effective prevention, including non-judicial detention, remembering the persons who would have not been murdered if the suspects had been hindered to become actual murderers. It recommends a social and cultural policy aimed at the integration of Islamic immigrants, making however niqab and burkha illegal as they are contrary to the Western value of transparent interaction. Lastly, the label "clash of civilizations" is rejected for the present situation, which has rather to do with a struggle of civilization against barbarianism and hatred. The inner troubles of Islam are a more serious issue.

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Article first page