Emmanuel J. Genot, Erik J. Olsson

Do We Trust Blindly on the Web?

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Keywords: Internet; World Wide Web; Trust; Search Engine; Social Network.

Gloria Origgi argues that our use of online search engines and social network gives rise to a puzzle of trust: trust online is «blind», «massive» and «naïve» while trust offline is not. Origgi's explanation is that offline trust is «relational» in the sense of being based on rational choice in a cooperative environment whereas online trust is «epistemic» and not based on rational choice in such an environment. Focusing on Origgi's intriguing hypothesis, we review relevant recent literature on online behavior and show that some of her testable claims are only partially supported by empirical evidence and there is sometimes evidence to the contrary. We conclude that, except in a few special cases, trust online is best described as being relational and strategic in character.

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Article first page