Francesca Scamardella

World Without End: quale futuro per la governance? Ragioni ed aspetti della crisi di un paradigma politico-istituzionale

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Keywords: Governance; Europe; Democratic Crisis; Global Governance.

«Governance» seems to be a magic word, to be used (and abused) in different contexts. In the Seventies, it was used in the economic field, in terms of corporate governance, for indicating a deliberative process adopted by companies, especially in the US. At the end of the Eighties, governance became a political-institutional global order aiming to govern transformations brought by globalization. Despite of its success, governance showed its weakness in terms of legitimacy, consensus and accountability. It has been especially the Great Recession (2008-2015) to highlight the vulnerability of a political global order based on the autopoiesis and rationality of markets. Nevertheless, we cannot say that governance is ended: political and economic interdependence amongst national States, the Covid-19 pandemics, climate changes, immigration and other global instances show us how important is to rebuild a global good governance

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