Gianmarco Gometz, Monica Tawa Folarin

Supervised electronic voting and blockchain

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Electronic Voting; E-voting; Secret Ballot; Blockchain; Wahlcomputerproblem.

Blockchain-based technologies have been considered particularly promising in terms of implementation of secure and transparent e-voting systems, also capable of guaranteeing the secrecy of the vote. It has been argued that they allow the citizen to check that his vote is actually present in a virtual urn obtained in the blockchain itself, and also to verify that it has not been modified, canceled or illegitimately added by third parties. Actually, however, the current orientation of blockchain-based electronic voting systems to the complete end-to-end public verifiability of voting integrity and the minimization of the technical-operational, control and guarantee roles of public authorities collide with the fundamental requirement of the secrecy of the vote in another re-edition of the dilemma known as "Wahlcomputerproblem", which implies an inevitable trade-off between the secrecy of voting by electronic means and the verifiability of the results by the individual voters.

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