Michelangelo Bovero

Marx and the human rights. Bobbio’s reflections

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Keywords: marxism – human rights – limits of power – rule of law – individualism.

Marx’s theses on human rights are mainly encompassed in his youth writings, in particular in the article on the Judenfrage of 1844. In this text Marx takes into consideration the “rights of man and of the citizenµ affirmed in the famous documents of the bourgeois revolutions. His main these are two. The first is that the rights of the citizen «emancipate», that is, they free the individual from a state of submission, only as a public subject. The second thesis is that human rights actually emancipate the bourgeois, are those of the selfish individual. Therefore, the political emancipation produced by bourgeois revolutions, is not human emancipation. This reductionist view of the modern idea of rights is a consequence of the shortcomings of the Marxian conception of law and politics in general. On these limitations, the author invites to re-read the analyzes and considerations developed by Norberto Bobbio in his long dialogue with Marxist thinkers.

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