Giuseppe Duso

Political Theology-Economic Theology: How do We Think Politics?

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Keywords: political theology, economic theology, constitutional theology, government

Within contemporary debates it is commonly stressed the absolute character of the theological dimension as a precondition of dominion among men, concerning both power and economic processes. In order to criticize this interpretation, the essay proposes a reading of Carl Schmitt's thought aiming to grasp a deeper and more original meaning of political theology. This meaning refers to the movement of transcending the empirical dimension and the status quo - both conceived as main features of praxis and politics -; this movement explains not only the possibility of sovereignty and dominion, but also the necessity to overcome them. It is argued that the interlacing of political and economic theology produces a constitutional theology. This allows reconsidering the category of government. Government is not a paradigm that must be refused, but the question to be faced in order to think in a new way the relationships among men and political obligation.

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Article first page