Bruno Accarino

The Gypsies and the Cadastre of Reason: between criticism and geopolitics

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Keywords: Gypsies; Ocean; Organicism; Geopolitics.

This essay focuses on the metaphor of the ocean, by which Kant rejects the nomadic and anarchic disorder of skepticism. That is why Kant appears to be a land surveyor of reason. There is thus a clear contrast between the legislative reason and a possible nomadic reason of the Enlightenment. It is therefore useful to compare Kant's vision with Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's Nomadology outlined in "Milles Plateaux". The essay shows that, to understand Kant's position, it is necessary to consider not only the alternative between territorialization and deterritorialisation, but also a third element: organicism, as it appears in the early stages of European geopolitics.

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