Giorgio De Michelis

The variable geometry of collective intelligence

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Keywords: Collective Intelligence; Knowledge Sharing; Innovation; Globalization.

Collective intelligence emerges from the interaction of individual intelligences and thus generates a new intellectual capacity that goes beyond and transcends the sum of its parts. And since intelligence is transferred from one individual to another in the form of knowledge, and knowledge itself can be encoded as information, the potentials of collective intelligence are now greatly increased because of the existence of a global information infrastructure which has materialized in recent years. Hence, the issue has become topical today, because on the one hand the combination of globalization and ICT innovation disrupts the traditional behavior of individuals, organizations and institutions, and on the other the opportunities provided by technology are very promising although challenging to develop. And the sharing of knowledge across a variety of cultures, disciplines and traditions is also at the center of any response which is neither contingent nor opportunistic to the contradictions that cross the planet. We outline here a strategy to best support the geometry of this collective intelligence in the age of global information and of dizzying technological acceleration, moving from the experience gained from the recent past of the last decades into the present and then heading into the future - a strategy that must keep into account that this is a geometry with necessarily variable contours, given the emerging and continuously changing and expanding ecosystem that they enclose.

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