Ulrich Beck

Figli della libertà: contro il lamento sulla caduta dei valori

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The essay is a brief analysis of the repercussions of the so-called globalization on the idea and practice of political freedom in the modern age. The author points out that political freedom is one of the most important - but obscurest as well - elements which from its birth modernity is based on. Since globalization brings about a weakening of the Nation-State - and of the protections and securities assured by this system - it goes along with a parallel process of individualization, making this freedom more evident and increasing it. Beck argues that neo-liberalism, communitarianism and protectionism are different ways to try to face the fear of this new form of freedom. Following him, the so-called "absence of values" in the young generations is, as a matter of fact, an adaptation of modern individualism to our global context - probably the only way to deal with globalization. Finally, he proposes a cosmopolitan republicanism which should enhance the local dimension in the global context beyond the Nation-State.

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Article first page