Simone Maddanu

Islamness of young muslims and modern "ijtihad": New practices for a new european religiosity

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Keywords: islamness, subjectivity, ijtihad, interpenetration, cultural code

This dissertation focuses on the second generation Italian Muslims, especially the youth connected with the association called Young Muslims of Italy). We have selected some variables that characterize the phenomenon of migration in Italy and more particularly that of the insertion of Islam into the social and cultural life of Italy. The specificity of the national case has been taken into account regarding with the issues of the public space and the place of religiosity. In this respect, we have considered the presence of the Catholic Church and Islamophobic political actors as the factors that intervene in the process of the insertion of Muslims. Our study has attempted to reveal the elements of transformation in the ways the youth experience Islam thereby also transforming Islam. These young Italian Muslims are the protagonists of a highly personalized modification and reinterpretation of religion to define themselves as subjects, Italian citizens and Muslims all at the same time. By conforting, and adjunsting theire hybridity, young italian muslims daily try aut new practiceses, between islamity and italianness. Step by stepthey scape from the parents'islam by updating religious intepretation to new values and western habits.

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