Marina Maestrutti

At the frontiers of the body. Identity, corporeality and technology in Disability Studies

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Keywords: Disability Studies, technology, phenomenology, sociology of the body, design.

This article, conceived as a broad overview, is devoted to shedding light on how to take into account phenomenological experience of the body as a fruitful approach to analysing the new frontiers between body and technology in Disability Studies and in Science and Technology Studies. While assistive technologies constitute a field of innovation full of promise for people with disabilities, social science research highlights a critical junction which points to a paradox. Despite frequent declarations on the need to consider the point of view of users and patients, the development of a top down engineering technology is still very common. The design of assistive technologies between industrial standardization and the individuality of the disabled person constitutes a privileged point of observation of the current and future dynamics of building scientific, technological, critical and experiential knowledge.

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Article first page