Gian Primo Cella

Ma che cos'è il processo di individualizzazione?

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These brief reviews discuss Massimo Paci's latest book on the third sector and welfare alternatives in Italy: "Nuovi lavori, nuovo welfare. Sicurezza e libertà nella società attiva", Bologna, Il Mulino, 2005. Each of the four authors examine different aspects of Paci's proposals, criticising and questioning his analyses and policy proposals. Gian Primo Cella discusses the theoretical premises of Paci's construction: the hypothesized process of "individualization" that it is said to be at the basis of the need for a new, leaner and customised welfare. Chiara Saraceno underlines how outcomes of the alleged welfare crisis have to be found in the different natures and models of the welfare institutions, as they emerged in Europe after the Second World War. Paola Villa questions the implicit neoliberal assumptions concerning the role of labour market deregulation that she finds used uncritically by Paci. Chiara Maffioletti points out the specific view of those workers who have long worked in so-called "third sector welfare", arguing against Paci's policy proposal of considering them "natural candidates" for an enlarged low-wage welfare sector.

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