Enrico Allasino, Luigi Bobbio, Stefano Neri

Crisi urbane: che cosa succede dopo? Le politiche per la gestione della conflittualità legata all'immigrazione

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Over the last ten years there have been in Italy several protests by Italian citizens against foreign immigrants. Local administrations and political actors have been drawn onto the turf and consequently expected to resolve conflicts both with security-enforcing measures and urban renewal projects. The Turin experience is analysed as a test case for a wide range of urban crises. These crises are not just explosions of intolerance and xenophobia. They are also factors of change and innovation. They accelerate political processes. They offer political actors an opportunity to redefine their strategies and mobilise energies in the search for solutions. They oblige actors to tackle practical matters. The solutions could be innovative and original. Although crises won't be easily overcome, they can act as a chance to cope with problems and modify the relations among actors.

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