Eugenio Pizzimenti, Luciano Bardi

Party Funding and the Development of Political Parties at European Level (2004-2012)

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Keywords: Europarties; Public Funding; New Institutionalism; Institutional Regimes; Party Change.

The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects on European political party organisations (PpEls), and on their party system, of Reg. 2004/2003's implementation. Regulation (EC) 2004/2003 defines the role of PpEls and the requirements needed for party eligibility to receive funding from the European Union. The provisions of the Regulation may well be able to consolidate more effectively the various party components operating at European level. However, while the literature on the funding of party organisations suggests that rules and regulations have a tendency to promote organisational convergence, the Eu Regulation set only a generic organisational pre-requisite for PpEls. In addition, the generally positive picture provided by the statute is counterbalanced by provisions which keep the PpEls in a subordinate position with respect to their national components and the parliamentary groups. Our investigation follows two main trajectories: an in-depth comparative analysis of PpEl statutes and internal regulations; and a critic review of Regulation 2004/2003 provisions and its impacts on the balance of powers between PPELs and national political parties. The goal of this contribution is to shed some light over the state of the art of the building process of a more effective and autonomous transnational party system.

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