Bruno Jossa

Le cooperative di produzione, Gramsci e la transizione all'economia socialista

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This paper addresses Gramsci's approach to the transition to a socialist economy in an attempt to clear if it can be harmonized with the Ward's and Vanek's theory of producer cooperatives. In Gramsci's view workers' control is necessary to avert the chaos that would ensue upon the abolition of capitalism; according to the modern theory of producer cooperative, instead, the management of enterprise by its workers is necessary to keep going the market economy after the revolution. In spite of this important difference, Gramsci's thought is useful to outline a way for the transition from capitalism to a system of labour-managed firms in a market economy. The paper argues that workers could receive the right to appropriate the surplus of the production by a Parliament's resolution without having to fight a violent revolution and discusses if this simple idea may be put in accord with the greater part of Gramsci's approach.

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