Giancarlo Corò, Marina Schenkel, Mario Volpe

International Openness and Structural Change in North East Italy Manufacturing System

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Keywords: Internationalization, North East Italy, Structural Change, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade. JEL Classification: F140; F230; L160

The evolving models of firms internationalization in North East Italy (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige) is considered. The convergence process with the rest of Italy and the changes with respect to the past are analyzed. Then the first results of an analysis of a new data-base on Italian firms abroad are presented. Interregional convergence process toward a smaller rate of increase is confirmed as far as the more traditional type of internationalization is concerned, i.e. International trade. On the contrary, if new forms of firm presence abroad are considered, regional differences emerge, as if the originating territories' influence were more evident abroad than inside Italy.

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