Daniele Marini

«Industry 4.0»: A first critical reflection

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Industry; Industrial Policy; Human Capital; Technological Innovation; Consumer.

«Industry 4.0». Such a title can be drawn into the deception that this only concerns manufacturing enterprises. In fact, it does not. The digitization of manufacturing processes affecting all economic spheres, from trade to industry, from tourism to crafts, to the public administration. No one (it can be) excluded. It would be more appropriate to define it as «Enterprise 4.0» or, in a more extended, «Environment 4.0», as it not only involves the actors of the economy, but consumers themselves. It thus develops a sort of circular movement: with their customers preferences and choices redefine the offer and the markets, interact with those who manufactures products and services, which in turn adapts to the demands.

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Article first page