Ilaria Daghini, Claudia Gandolfi, Valeria Gattai

Digital Transformation and the Music Industry. An Empirical Analysis of Italian Indies

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Digital Transformation; Music Industry; Indies; Italy; Survey Data.

This study investigates the effects of the digital transformation on the music industry, by collecting survey data from a large sample of Italian indies and discussing a few policy implications. In-depth interviews, based on a multiple-choice questionnaire, have been conducted in the period May-June 2018. With a response rate of 64 per cent, our database provides firmlevel evidence on the main changes the digital transformation has fostered in terms of production, distribution and advertising. On one hand, these data help in drawing a clear portray of Italian indies. Most firms in our sample are small and headquartered in Lombardy. They tend to support a limited number of artists; however, they collaborate with famous and international players. On the other hand, our survey suggests how Italian indies have eventually updated their market strategies in response to the digital transformation. Most firms in our sample seem to react to the digital transformation, rather than coping with it. This is particularly evident for what concerns production and distribution, whereas advertising strategies have largely remained unchanged despite the availability of new technologies.

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