Angelo Miglietta, Anna A. Nelayeva, Matteo Pessione

La teoria della partecipazione e il marketing esperienziale

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Keywords: Participation; Marketing; Culture; Fruition; Event; Consumer Experience.

Being an immaterial product, every cultural event follows the market rules, therefore it can be realized, valorized and communicated by appropriate marketing instruments. With evolution and developing of more accurate models of analysis in support of cultural sector marketing decisions, the importance of realizing the specific studies is becoming more and more evident. They should be based on such a conception of a product or service as a consumer's experience. The primary goal of this work is to provide the management with a new instrument of interpretation of an event, that transforms the intangible components into a concrete structural units, functional for the planning, production and evaluation of a live cultural event. The research developing begins with the analysis of specialized literature in the field that consents to identify a guidelines for the redefinition of the «participation» concept and for the systematization of separate elements. The proposed model has been adopted as an instrument for the in-depth investigation of a contact between the live show and its public, for observing the dynamics of interaction and offering a detailed framework based on these elements, sustained by the construction of a specific terminological apparatus. A multisided sociological survey of the phenomena supports and completes the research by means of three-step work: a qualitative research in the field, an empiric quantitative analysis of public aimed at verification of the model applicability, and finally a second quantitative analysis that offers the first practical application of the model.

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