M. Menghini, S. Terzi

A Multidimensional Performance Indicator to Analyze Firms' Competitiveness: a Suggestion and an Empirical Study for Italy

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Keywords: Firm Behaviour; Empirical Analysis; Performance; Productive Systems; Competitiveness.

This paper aims at analysing the competitiveness of the Italian productive system by means of a multidimensional performance indicator based on Alkire Foster's methodology, the same that has led to the definition of the Multidimensional Poverty Indicator (MPI). The micro-data used refer to companies with at least ten employees in 2010 and 2012. One of the main features of the suggested indicator is that it takes into account the joint distribution of the sub-indicators; this means, however, that for its computation it is necessary to integrate different statistical archives: AIDA, the database of companies' balance sheets; CIS, a Eurostat sample survey on innovation in firms with at least ten employees; ASIA, the Italian archive of active businesses. A second feature is its decomposability with respect to subpopulations. This allows to analyse competitiveness according to different dimensions, NACE rev.2 divisions of economic activities, NUTS2 level of territorial disaggregation.

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