Guido Guerzoni

L'impatto economico dei festival: un'annosa prospettiva di ricerca

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Cultural festivals have significantly contributed to the economic growth and development of their territories. The importance of a well-defined methodology, which includes the process of gathering qualitative information and quantitative data, is crucial to understand the effects and the benefits of these cultural activities at different levels: cultural, social, economic, fiscal, functional, environmental and on properties. Starting from the scenario here described, the article has carried out an empirical model to analyse the economic and strategic impact. Through the input-output analysis and the derivation of suitable multipliers, this method can calculate the total impact by considering the following effects: - direct, referred to the total investments made by cultural organizers to plan and prepare exhibitions/festivals and to the total visitors' expenditure; - indirect, originated from the spending of institutions and companies to purchase by wholesale dealers goods and services destined to tourists and visitors; - induced, derived from the differential revenue and the growth of expenditure's levels of local residents, directly caused by the festival. A bibliography is offered in the Documetazione section.

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