Antonio Taormina

Artistic and cultural training and cultural labour market: a problematic relation

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Keywords: Cultural labour market, cultural training system, universities, regions, stages, apprenticeship contracts

The relationship between the cultural labour market and the artistic and cultural training system are, indeed, problematic, last but not least for the lack of a general reference framework as well as of exhaustive data. This contribution focuses on the quite unsatisfactory role played in the cultural training system by Universities, as stated by a recent ad hoc survey carried out by Al- mamater. Nor are the Regions, quite active in exercising the functions of professional training transferred to them by the State in the arts and heritage field, doing better. The need for a more organic institutional cooperation among the Universities, the Regions themselves, the Ministry for Labour, the Ministry for Heritage, is emphasized. Prospects dealing with a better and less unfair regulation system of stages and apprenticeship contracts - so frequent in the performing arts sector, where they often end up in exploitation - are also evocated, both at the national and at the EU level.

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