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A magazine for everyone. Attilio Bertolucci's «Il Gatto Selvatico» in Eni during Enrico Mattei

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Keywords: «Il Gatto Selvatico»; Eni; Enrico Mattei; Attilio Bertolucci; House Organ; Industrial Advertising.

The author analyses the magazine «Il Gatto Selvatico» (corporate house organ directed for ten years by the poet Attilio Bertolucci) who was part of the instruments used in to communications strategies in Enrico Mattei's Eni (Ente nazionale idrocarburi). The author describes the birth of the magazine and its structure, then he explains the social function of the magazine for readers, especially for corporate employees. As well as illustrate the activities of Eni and his President, the purpose of the magazine is to strengthen the sense of belonging to the «big Eni family», mentioned Mattei. On the whole of the instruments of propaganda used by Eni (advertising in print, on television and in film), the author argues that «Il Gatto Selvatico» has given its contribution to the consolidation of Mattei's personal power against political opponents and economic world.

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