Alessio Tesi, Antonio Aiello

«Uncertainty» beyond perceived employability among dropouts of the educational system. The role of big-five personality traits, need for closure and system justification beliefs

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Keywords: big-five traits, dropout students, need for cognitive closure, perceived employability, system justification.

We studied a set of individual differences associated with perceived employability (PE) of youngsters who dropped out of the educational system. Amongst big-five personality traits, we found that high levels of neuroticism meant a reduced PE. Controlling for personality, we found that those who had a high need for cognitive closure (NFCC; high desire for certainty) had higher PE, especially when they also reported low (vs. high) system justification beliefs. Higher levels of NFCC may serve to cope with an uncertain labor market leading youngsters to higher levels of PE, especially when they perceive the societal status quo as not rigidly legitimate.

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