Luca Caricati Alessia Ferrari Chuma Kevin Owuamalam

Strongly identifying Italian women support their gender system because they accept their Italian way of doing things

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In a cross-sectional survey, we measured the extent to which 256 Italian women, (a) identified with Italy, (b) justified broader systems in Italy, (c) justified their gender system, and (d) held ambivalent sexist ideologies. Supporting predictions derived from the social identity model of system attitudes (SIMSA), results revealed that women supported the Italian gender system, and endorsed ambivalent sexist views the stronger they identified with Italy as this national attachment allowed them to embrace their broader Italian systems. Alternative models investigating plausible alternative association with respect to the foregoing variables did not fit the data better than the SIMSA model


  • gender system justification
  • national identification
  • general system justification
  • disadvantaged groups
  • Social identity model of system attitudes


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