Claudia Manzi, Maria Brambilla, Camillo Regalia, Alberto Voci

Take care of me: contact hypothesis and prejudice reduction in the familiar context

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Keywords: prejudice reduction, intergroup contact, empathy, trust, close relationships

The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of contact between Italian employers and Peruvian women which work in families as maids, baby-sitters or carers for the elderly. 137 Italian employers took part in the study. Results show that the effect of contact on prejudice is mediated by the development of a close relation between the employer and the Peruvian woman trough self-disclosure. Self-disclosure leads to an improvement of intergroup trust and intergroup empathy, and this leads in turn to a reduction of prejudice. The effect of selfdisclosure on intergroup empathy is moderated by category salience. These results state the importance of interpersonal relations in the field of intergroup relations.

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