Semira Tagliabue, Serena Grumi

Partner's influence on future plans: nomothetic and idiographic study

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Keywords: perception of partner influence, power, couple, dyadic correlation index, dyadic discrepancy index.

Partner influence on future plans has been investigate in romantic couple with a nomothetic approach, whereas fewer studies used a idiographic approach or integrate the two approaches. The present paper evaluates, between (nomothetic) and within (idiographic) couples, the differences in perception of partner influence on future plans linked to gender (male, female), couple typology (married, dating), socio-economical asymmetry (symmetric, asymmetric couples), controlling for relationship length and adopting a dyadic unit of analysis. Findings highlight that only socio-economical asymmetry is linked to differences in the perceived influence on future working plans and in the dyadic similarity in perception of partner influence. Couple typology resulted to be linked to the variability in the answers.

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