Federica Emanuel, Monica Molino, Lara Colombo, Claudio G. Cortese, Chiara Ghislieri

Exhaustion and turnover in the current labour market: The role of job insecurity and use of technology after work

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Keywords: Job Insecurity; Off-work Hours Technology Assisted Job Demand; Exhaustion; Turnover Intention; Job Demands-resources Theory.

Job insecurity and off-work hours Technology Assisted Job Demand (off-TAJD) can impact individual and organizational outcomes. This study aims to investigate the relationship between job insecurity, off-TAJD, cognitive demands and turnover intention by considering the mediation of exhaustion. The research involved a convenience sample of 543 employees with a permanent contract (51% of whom were female). Structural equations models showed a partial mediation of exhaustion between job insecurity and turnover intention, and a full mediation of exhaustion between off-TAJD and turnover intention. Contrary to expectations, cognitive demands were negatively related to turnover intention in the whole sample and in the female one. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

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