Tito Forcellese

Birth and development of "Uomo qualunque": the precariousness of antipolitics

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Keywords: Guglielmo Giannini; Antipolitics; Populism; National Liberation Committee.

The article analyzes the birth and development of "whichever man", founded by journalist Guglielmo Giannini. Through the use of documentary sources unpublished, they will retrace the main reasons for its rapid spread in the country, in open contrast with the other parties of the National Liberation Committee. The strong invective against the "professional politicians" attracted wide sympathies across the peninsula, with marked differences from region to region. Interesting ideas emerge also on various social and cultural which took form the first units of Uq. The downward movement of Giannini was accentuated by the inability to provide a general policy perspective and responsibility to the voters.

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