Roberto Scarciglia

The Science of Complexity and Legal Comparison in the Age of Asymmetry

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Keywords: Science of Complexity; Complex Adaptive Systems; Legal Comparison; Comparative Methodology; Quantitative Legal Information; Artificial Intelligence; Asymmetry.

The science of complexity, or complex adaptive systems, is still very young. Consequently, the law also deals with complex systems: legal systems are complex systems. This Article analyzes the role which comparative law can play in interacting with complexity science, starting from its definition and adaptive properties. The first purpose of this essay is to define the utility of quantitative methodology for the analysis of comparative scholars, and to what extent it may differ from the methods used in the science of complexity. The study of methodology allows us to better reflect on the factors of rapid transformation of the existence of human beings, such as, for example, natural disasters or global warming, which impose a comparison with what is not known to our scientific knowledge. The article concludes by asking how the work of comparative scholars in the field of complexity science, in the search for equilibrium, between human and non-human, by the development of artificial intelligence in the era that we call like "the age of asymmetry."

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Article first page