Nicholas W. Jankowski

Comment on Elena Pavan/2. Connecting Collective Actions to Social Media: Comments on an Exploratory Empirical Exercise



This article comments on an exploratory study by Pavan (2013) of collective action and social media. The proposed model in the study suggests blending evidence from actors, connections, content, and distribution of online messages, but limited blending is presented. Further, the study lacks a longitudinal dimension; data was collected on a single day and no follow-up study for the annual event was conducted or proposed. This article compares Pavan's study with another examination (Howard et al., 2011) of social action and social media that does examine more data from more sources, all across time. While the exploration and proposed research design is interesting, further development, along with longitudinal data collection, would have strengthened the work.


  • Social media
  • social network analysis
  • exploratory research
  • longitudinal research
  • Arab Spring


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