Luisella Farinotti, Elena Gipponi, Rocco Moccagatta

Italy, on the screen

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: cinema, national identity, history, «Risorgimento», stereotypes, epos.

This short film review gives a hint into how the domestic film production has sketched the nation's image, contributed to define the national identity, and marked the way Italians recognize themselves in a history and in a culture. This image is shaped by several tensions and conflicting interests, often reduced to a mask or to a sheer cliché, however capable to form a shared encyclopedia, a familiar cultural heritage, even if solely a common imagery. The analysis moves from representations of the national history - in which one sees a clear pedagogical and even propagandistic intentionality - and of minor Italian hi(stories) - in which it is possible to weigh the cinema's role in the construction of a sense of belonging to a nation-wide community.

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Article first page