Gaia Giuliani

Settler colonialism and race: mapping colours in the Pacific

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Settler colonialism and foundation; race/colour; the Pacific; outsidedness; insidedness; homology.

Taking predominantly as case-studies Australia and the United States - the two white shores of the Pacific - this article aims to draw a sort of political anthropology of race in settler colonialism. It sets out to grasp the particular practical and theoretical articulation(s) of colours in settler colonialism, and its accordance with what could be considered as the settler body politics' foundational statements. These statements claim: 1) the absolute originality of the settler State as political formation (that is coincident with the denial of priorness or a pre-colonial "time and polity"); 2) its biological community (or bio-community) as internally homogenous and homologous to the settled land (in-sidedness and homology); and 3) its separateness (isolation) from its out-sidedness, that is the surrounding areas and populations.

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Article first page