Anna Cavaliere

Political theology and liberal paradigm

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Keywords: Political theology; Secularization; Böckenförde; liberalism; democracy.

Through the centuries, the term "political theology" has had a certain success in the philosophical language. Many meanings concerning this expression, with profound differences between them, have been added so far. If we consider the political theology in the sense of Carl Schmitt - a structural correspondence between political concepts and theological concepts - we can say that the liberal perspective marks the beginning of a new political theology. The advent of liberal and democratic constitutions after the Second World War and the taken in account of the instances of the pluralistic and multi-class society require a rethinking of the relationship between politics and religion. The liberal State after the Second World War has to deal with the paradox described by the famous dictum of Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde: «The liberal secular State lives by assumptions which in itself it cannot guarantee».

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