Diego Fusaro

Dogmatism and Idealism in Fichte's The Closed Commercial State

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Idealism; Dogmatism; Revolution; Conservation; Politics.

In the following pages, I will conduct an examination of the Fichtean concept of idealism in "Der geschlossene Handelsstaat". Then I will outline some considerations (albeit impressionistic) about our present. In Fiche's "Der geschlossene Handelsstaat" the contrast between idealism and dogmatism is presented in a specific way, in relation to the political project delineated in that work: idealism is the specific philosophical and political position meant to change the world, in order to accord it to the reason (that is the central concept of "Vernunftstaat", the rational State). On the other side, dogmatism is the specific conservative point of view that aims to conserve everything.

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Article first page