Giulio Azzolini

Without Center and without Time: Again on the Power of Globalization

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Keywords: Neoliberalism; Globalization; Power; Space; Time.

Contemporary critical theory has experienced troubles in explaining why Neoliberalism, both in the US and in Europe, has revived from the economic, political and social crisis more powerful than ever. Therefore, the term "globalization" has recently come back as a keyword to understand the present scenario. This article first clarifies why, despite the debates on de-globalization, we currently live in a global era, and then it examines two logics of systemic power - polycentrism and rapidity - that are typical of global age. The first one is related to the social de-centralization, both inside and outside the national states. The second one needs not to be confused with velocity and acceleration, as features of the modern world. Regarding the spatial factor, it is remarkable, among others, the dialogue with Deleuze and Guattari. Concerning the temporal factor, it is important to tackle the so-called "accelerationism".

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Article first page