Interpretation and Legal Theory: The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin

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Keywords: Ronald Dworkin; Legal Theory; Interpretation; Political Morality; Values.

Ronald Dworkin occupies a prominent position in contemporary legal theory. He passed away on February 14, 2013. This focus aims at emphasizing the gist of the development of his work. This was the elaboration of an alternative to legal positivism. According to Dworkin, law is an interpretive practice. Elements of moral argument are indispensable to and inseparable from legal interpretation. Law as integrity requires interpreters to resolve legal problems by a process which includes moral reasoning. Dworkin, in his last phase, defends the thesis of the unity of value. Law is a branch of morality. Any theory about the analysis of law must be an integrated theory that points and answers questions of political morality. The articles here collected recall some of the main features regarding the intellectual legacy of Dworkin. They insist on the importance of taking it seriously.

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